Saturday, September 06, 2014

Luke 2.5

[see Ryan's post below for an explanation]

Happy 2 1/2 Luke... well, almost two and a half.


Man you are a firecracker!  You make life...well... hard!  I love you more then words can say.  You are the most busy, energetic, determined, headstrong, kid ever.  You are alway into something.  You escape from the front door of the house and have been brought back by strangers, nothing that is child proof is Luke proof, you can get into ANYTHING.  You are so smart!  I cant wait until you use that intelligence for good and not evil!  And oh man can you yell.  If you are not happy all the neighbors will know.  I've never hear a scream more piercing.

With all that said, you have so much personality it's infectious.  I don't know where you come up with all this craziness.  You are a ham and will pose for any picture.  When you are happy and silly people can't help but be joyful also.  You are a wiz on the iphone and you can not get enough of TRAINS!  You are obsessed.

During the day it's just you and me.  The boys are at school and Dad is at work.  I actually like this time.  I don't get much done as you always want me right next to you but I love sitting with you.  You are such a social kid and love to be around people.  You look up to your brothers (and even beat them up sometimes).

Although you leaving me pulling out my hair many nights, I love you more then words can express.  This family would not be whole without you!!

I love you,


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