Saturday, September 06, 2014

Is it a thing?

I have been playing with my camera off and on for some time now.  Six years to be exact.  I go through times where I pick up my camera all the time, and then periods where it collects dust while I focus on other things.  In those 6 years I have felt frustration, and yet also, accomplished.  I found a love for creating, and an insecurity and vulnerability that comes with putting my work out there for all to judge.  God has taught me so many lessons in grace and humility while my camera was in my hand.  But I am now at a crossroad.  Is it a thing? 

Is it a hobby?  Is it a profession?  Do I have the time to make my craft better?  Do I even have that desire?  Is there enough of me to do it all?  Do I want to do it all?

Through lots of prayer and many heart to hearts with the people that know me the best I have decided...
For now... It's a thing.

This can change at any moment but I've learned if you don't put yourself out there because of fear you could be missing out on so many of life's little blessings.

So, follow me on another blog (you know, since I already do so much here).  You can find me at:

Maybe I'll even try and find time to resurrect my blogging life...maybe!



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