Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ryan 7.5

[A few months back I wrote a birthday write up for Ryan and Luke but never published them because I didn't have the pictures ready to go.  Well, a few weeks before their next birthday I thought I would just post them]

Happy new year?!  I have been looking back on old blog posts this morning and I started to feel bad that I didn't do birthday letters to Ryan and Luke so I shall so it now


You are right now 7 1/2 years old.  You are a bit of a mommas boy and I LOVE it!  You can be the sweetest older brother to Luke and sometimes to Noah.  Your heart for God id inspiring.  You have been a master a memorizing bible verses.  You love reading your bible and even asked in Sunday school if you could have a bible which led to your very first bible.  Your heart is so huge and inspiring. You sure do know how to get under Noah's skin though.  You guys have such a interesting relationship.  You love each other deeply and love being together but when you are together fighting ensues.  I pray daily for you are your relationships with Luke and Noah that they are strong and fierce.

You are in second grade and love school.  I think you like reading the most and you are such a great speller.  It is hard to pull you away from kicking a ball.  Man, do you love playing soccer!  Everyday at recess you are either playing soccer or wall ball.  You still love riding your bike although we don't do it as much as we used too.  I'll try to be better with that.

The way we are able to have conversations now that you are 7 amazes me.  You are such a smart, intelligent, handsome young man.  I am so proud to be your mom.

Love you,


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