Monday, August 12, 2013

Leap of Faith

Sometimes I feel like my relationship with God gets pushed to the side with the day to day "stuff" until that day comes when I really need Him and I feel far.  I realize just how far I am from where I want to be, need to be.  Then I have to take time to rewind and recenter.

Man, why is it so hard to be in the place we need to be with God all the time?  I have been coming to terms this week with feeling stretched.  Getting out of my comfort zone where I feel warm and safe and taken care of.  Jumping off a cliff of the unknown and where there is fear and "what if's".  God calls us out from where we want to be to grow us, mold us, strengthen us.  I guess if it was easy then none of that could happen.  What I do know is when we make big decisions for God, He shows up in big ways.

A lot of changes happening in our household in the coming weeks and months.  I shall consider it all a new season.

I challenge anyone who is being pulled to an uncomfortable place to embrace what God is doing in your life. To take a leap of faith and see the big way God will show up in your faithfulness.  This could be going to church when you really don't want to, or looking for a different job, or anything in between.

It's called a LEAP of faith.

Side note:  There was to be a beautiful picture of a person jumping off an awesome cliff into the water but my right click doesn't seem to be working on my yet again wonderful apple product. So use your imagination- thanks.

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Jessica said...

...the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen! Heb 11:1 Blessed to be walking (and leaping) in faith with you guys!! <3 you!!