Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mermaid 5k

Yesterday I ran a 5k.  To most that seems unimpressive.  To me, it even seemed unimpressive.  I think it partly seemed unimpressive because I signed up for the Mermaid series 10k in September but then had to go down to the 5k earlier this month as I just started running in January.

For some reason running is not in my DNA.  I never have been a runner.  In more resent years I have wanted to be a runner but not sure if my body agrees with that sentiment.  I have NEVER felt that runners high, or that moment while running where I just settle in and "find my stride."

When I ran yesterday I was excited.  I felt like a runner standing at the starting line... then I started to run.  Seriously, within 2 minutes I was done!  I continued 3.1 miles of pure agony and pain.  The only reason I didn't stop to rest was because my awesome friend, Jess, ran with me the whole time.    I tried to have her go ahead of me, mainly because I didn't want to slow her down but secondly because I knew with her running with me that walking wasn't going to be a option... and it wasn't.

Jess likes to run.  She is one of those people I don't understand, yet admire at the same time.  Seriously, what kind of person LIKES to run?  Her happy attitude and appreciation of how "beautiful the day is" started getting on my nerves.  When I started to feel slow and tried to catch up even with her she would congratulate my effort to pick it up and she would too start going faster - again, I was using all my energy to just run next to her so it ticked me off when she sped up!  The thing about this race is that there are a lot of 12 year olds running it.  You don't feel more humbled then when a 12 year old passes you while you are huffing and puffing to just get forward movement.  Well, that is until a grown woman in a pink tutu passes you ( I vow to work harder next year so no one in a pink tutu ever passes me again).

All this to say, I made it to the end running the whole time.  I thought death was at my door but then I started thinking that death probably doesn't knock on the door of people running an 11 minute mile!  What at one time felt unimpressive to me all of a sudden became personally impressive.  I've been running a few times a week on a treadmill and not once on the road for about 3 weeks.  I have 3 kids and a thousand of excuses not to try.  I would have walked if Jess wasn't there but she was and I didn't and now I know when I feel like I can't that I can.

My goal for this year is finishing.  Giving up is easy, finishing takes work.  I have never felt the desire to run a half marathon - I still don't.  But I WANT to want to do a half (got that?).  I'm chasing after that runners high.  It has to be out there somewhere, right?

So here are this years goals:

  • I want to do another 5k and beat my time (33:28)
  • I want to do a 10k
  • I want to do a mud run
  • I want to do a family 5k and get everyone involved
We'll see how it goes, I am excited for the journey.

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bobby said...

That's awesome Megan! Glad you did it. And yeah, the kids passing you isn't bad at all. They're supposed to be more fit. The humbling part is watching the old fat people pass you. I remember dying on my half Ironman going up a dirt hill and being passed by a dude with 2 metal legs. Ouch.