Sunday, February 10, 2013

catching up in one post

So life happens and it's hard to document it as we go.  Three kids seem to keep me busy but here is one post with pictures to catch us up.

The rest of Christmas is collage form:

December was filled with letters to santa, cookie exchange (sort of - if you were there you know what I mean), trips to the zoo (in the rain), santa visits, and santa hats.  There is no better time of year then the holidays, I believe that to my core.  I love the smells and sights of Christmas.  Watching the boys get excited over Christmas lights and traditions that come with the season.  We were SO blessed to have all the family together for Christmas.

Now the decorations and all packed, lights are down (well, not ours - yet) and the weather is cold - San Diego cold that is.  Things are quite and mellow.  I think I need the month of January just to recuperate from December.

January in pictures:

January brought more Zoo trips, and lazy days hanging around the house.  We did get to meet up with some cousins for dinner and got to soak in the beautiful city we live in.

There, we are now caught up to February.  We can now talk about the current... in the next post!

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