Monday, December 10, 2012

Catch up

Halloween photo dump here you go

Halloween was fun but feels like a looong time ago.  We walked around the neighborhood and the kids got a TON of candy in which they ate a few pieces, Tim and I had a few pieces, and then we tossed the reset.  We finished the night eating pumpkin pie and the boys ran around in the front yard while the dads had some desert and beer in what we like to call "the beer garden" (or front yard).

Thanksgiving was great.  Tim and I got to get away to Vegas for a few nights by ourselves.  I had so much fun and really came to value the importance of having alone time with my husband away from the kids.  I think we really needed those few nights away.  Thank you SOOO much to my aunt and uncle who watched the kids for us.  You guys are the best.

I actually have no pictures of Vegas or Thanksgiving.   Well I have a few from Thanksgiving but honestly they are just of Ryan crying that the wish bone broke before he was able to pull on it... why did he have to learn about the wish bone at school?

Wait.  I forgot we met up with some good friends while we were in Vegas and Kylie posted a picture of us.  She also sent me one via email but it is not very flattering  (you know, what happens in Vegas...)

There you go.  Not even a picture with the hubby but a fun one of Kylie and I before we went 
zip lining.  

I want to fast forward to current time though.  I have so much stuff I want to write about.  It just seems hard to find time to sit down and write it though.  

I do have big news.  I FINALLY got a smart phone.  Yep, that would be an iPhone 5.  This is huge in my life.  Instagram is such an easier and faster way to document life right now.  I love taking pics with my new phone!

This also means I have a whole lot of pics to come.  December is the month of Advent and we have been a busy family around here.  With Christmas pajamas, Disneyland, movies and hot chocolate, I have a ton to show you. 
 But until then...

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