Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tis the season

We start every December 1st off with a new set of Christmas pajamas.  This season was no different.

The next night on our Advent Calendar was reading the Christmas story.  We brought out the boys toddler Bible and we read about the birth of Jesus.  We talked about what a manger is and who Joseph was.

Three boys have very short attention spans!

A few days later we spent our last day at Disneyland before our annual passes expired.  I get so much grief for how often we go to Disneyland.  Here is the reason why I do it:

The memories I have from going there are priceless.  
My boys have a great time and Tim and I love seeing the joy on their faces.
We can spend the day as a family and just enjoy hanging out.

Here is this years annual ornament

We also did our annual trimming of the tree with hot chocolate and cookies while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I cherish these moments with my kids.  They can have their moments of crazy difficulty but they can also bring joy like none other (I say this as Tim is yelling at Luke for the millionth time for grabbing ornaments off the tree)

This time of year we struggle with trying to keep the boys grounded in what the real reason for this season is.  Ryan and Noah are very much into receiving gifts this year.  It gets harder but I know as we continue to talk about it their little hearts will become sensitive why we celebrate this time of year.

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Linda said...

Beautiful tree. Glad I'll be with you guys cuz it doesn't look like Christmas here!