Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Luke

One whole year?!  What happened?  Where did it go?


I think I blinked to long and you turned 1.  You are full of smiles.  EVERYONE in this family just can't get enough of you.  Ryan is your protector.  He gets so upset if he thinks you might get hurt doing something (like eating paper).  He follows you up the stairs when I forget to block off the stairwell.  He even shares his food with you - that's big!

Noah loves to play with you and you love to play with him right back.  I think out of all of us you enjoy climbing on him the most.  Noah tries to be gentle with you but it's just not in his nature and you don't seem to mind.  I think you have the same streak of crazy in you that Noah has in him.

Although, when you are not happy... we all know.  You have a scream that demands immediate attention.  We all joke that you came into this world with a big cry.  You skipped over the infant cry all together.  You take after me when it comes to sleep - you LOVE to sleep.  I love to let you!

I am sad my mom will never get to meet you.  I know she wanted me to have another child.  She had such a special relationship with Ryan and Noah yet they were special in different ways.  I wonder how you two would have connected.  I'm sorry that relationship will never be known.

You are starting to walk.  You stand great all on your own and once you stop being so lazy you will be off and running.  I can't wait.  I love the walking stage more then the crawling.

I look forward to another year of discovery with you.  I am blessed I have been able to be home with you all day from the day you were born.  I promise I will make the most of it, I know how fast you will grow up!

I love you always,


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Donna C. said...

I'm just letting you know that I do read your Blog. ;o) "Happy Birthday, Luke!"