Monday, December 12, 2011


For the past few years we have done a Christmas advent (2009, 2010) and this year is no exception. We started on December 1st and have one fun activity a day (well, that's the plan at least).

We started with getting our christmas tree. This year was a little different because we got a Costco tree that you just pay for and take home. We bypassed the part where we carefully inspect each tree for hole and every imperfection we can find. It was Costco, you can't go wrong with Costco. Guess what? We didn't. Our tree is great, not perfect, but great. The only reason it's getting the not perfect grade is because it leans a little. It will work though.

Another advent day was spent making hot chocolate, eating cookies, and watching christmas movies.

Then we spent the next day decorating the tree. All fun Christmas stuff.

(oops no pics taken)

Continuing a tradition that we have had since I was little we spent 2 day at the merriest place on earth. We love taking trips up to Disneyland and it was exciting to introduce Luke to the tradition (although he slept through everything except Small World).

We enjoyed the church children's play, and buying toys for kids in mexico that do not have much this christmas.

I love the Christmas season. Look for more advent activities in future posts...

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