Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent Days 1-5

We are doing an advent chain this year

Each day brings a new activity

The kids got Christmas Pajamas for day 1

Day 2

Hand print wreath craft
Ryan's hand is Green
Noah's hand is Red

Day 3
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Made them last year
Huge hit
Made them again this year!
Ryan opened just about all the
kisses himself
Finished product

Day 4
Watched the claymation
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
(no picture)

Day 5
Tim lead some worship at the
Eastlake shopping center
I left Noah napping and Ryan and I
went to see Tim play
After that we rode on a firetruck

Then we went back to
my moms house and decorated for

I know...
a TON of pictures huh?
We are having fun doing
these Advent activities so far.
I will post more later.

Oh yeah,
and how awesome is the
we are getting.
I love it!


Kylie said...

I LOVE Ryan's pajamas! So cute! The Christmas tree looks great too.

Linda said...

You are awesome. How do you do it all? The Christmas tree looks beautiful. You all did a good job. The cookies looked good too!!! Love the jammy pics. See you soon!!! Can hardly wait!

Linda said...

P. S. You might want to add that you left Noah napping at your mom's so people don't think you left him home alone........tee hee. Just was re-reading your post and that hit me as funny!!!