Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting things done

I'm still here. I have been buried under home remodeling projects. Here is where we stand now:

  • Tile has been laid
  • fireplace rock removed
  • walls textured
  • paint almost done
  • bed ordered
  • pool gate installed
What is left?
  • upstairs gets measured for carpet Tuesday
  • master bath vanity to be delivered Tuesday
  • fireplace tile SHOULD be done next week
  • will order dining room table next week
  • and the bamboo floors are scheduled to be installed next monday
What is still up in the air?
  • anything that has to do with decor!!
It seems Tim and I have discovered our decorative palates are a little different. By a little meaning we agree on just about nothing. Each step has been meet with opposition by one of us. I guess you could say the positive of all this is we are honing our compromising skills.

With all this said, right now I am feeling Zebra print rug. What do you think?


Linda said...

I want pictures!!!!

bobby said...

Please tell me you're joking about the zebra rug.

If not, please tell me Tim met that one with opposition.

Lisa said...

love the rug! How is the paint turning out? did you end up stickin with the ones we picked out? How do they look in person?

Adam H said...

Good Lord, no. This is a rug you are going to have in your house for years to come. You will only "feel it" for about 2 weeks before you realize that it didn't come with a synthesizer keyboard or parachute pants. Please tell me you didn't make Tim use one of his veto cards on this one.
On a positive note, you'll likely have far fewer house guests to entertain once they see the new rug. If that's your angle, may I also recommend placing an old couch on the front porch and a toilet up against the house in the side yard.

Sally P-G said...

I love the zebra rug!