Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First stop...Fireplace

It's hot, kids are crying, dinner needs to be made yet here I am blogging about the fireplace. Maybe after dinner I will go to Starbucks and do some more blogging in peace!

I think we are going to have tile laid in the upstairs bathrooms soon. I'm so excited. It looks like we have just about everyone lined up for all the projects. We have even found more projects we want to do but I suppose I will wait until the first wave of necessary projects are taken care of.

Right now I am trying to figure out what I want my fireplace to look like. Here is a before picture

Not too pretty huh? We are going to be taking down the rock wall and then we can begin with a clean palate. I am thinking we will put 4x4 stone squares on the wall between the fireplace opening and the mantel.

Here are some ideas...

Tim wants the 4x4's to be more of a white washed color ( we are having a little discrepancy). The only problem is that I could probably go with tile around the fireplace also which is completely a different look then what I thought I wanted. I am WAY to indecisive to decorate a house. I am much better at knowing what I don't want then what I do want.

This is Tim's choice in brick

I'm not a fan though. What do you think?


Linda said...

I like yours. Tim's is like the colors that are up there. Just trying to determine how they both will match your floor. Need to put them against that.

Linda said...

R u taking out the black stuff in front of the fireplace, I hope!

Tim said...

The black stuff is absolutely coming out. We really can't make any decisions until the "stone" comes out. I'm pretty concerned with what may be behind it though.

Linda said...

OK, now I get it Megan. I like it with all mantle and the doors, no stone. Would you do white, oak, ???

electric fireplaces said...

Amazing colors. I like the mantal design with white color. Which is really innovative and sharp. I wish that I will also get same fireplace as soon as possible.