Monday, October 11, 2010

Ryans 4

Ryan's birthday was about three weeks ago. Unfortunately with the chaos that is our life I didn't document it very well at home or on the blog. I feel bad for that but let me fix that here.


Wow, the big 4. I am so proud of you. You are such a blessing to our lives. Your happy smile can light up a room. You are doing so good at preschool. You are there two days a week. Although you are pretty shy with your friends your teacher says you warm up to everyone rather fast. You love to read, and ride your bike outside.

It has been a tough past few months for you and life is still not as calm as I would like. Grandma passed away about 2 weeks before your birthday. You had such a special relationship with her. I am saddened beyond words that you might not remember her. She loved you like crazy. I know she loved Noah just as much but she seemed to have a special bond with you. I think you know in your heart a little better what has happened then in your head. You have been acting out at home a little more then normal but I take that blame as your life has been changed SO much. A new house, grandmas house but- not grandmas house, new preschool, remodeling the house, different people staying at the house for almost 2 months. All things considered you are perfect. Who wouldn't have a hard time adjusting. I am.

You are my light. My big boy who is still not to big to cuddle with me on the couch. I cant wait until life gets "normal" again and we can enjoy our new routine as I stay home with you all day long! You are such a great little man and I am excited about what journey we will take together this year.

I love you baby,


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Linda said...

I could tell you wrote this in the morning!!!! tee hee. When you get frustrated, read your blog, it is truly from your heart. You are an awesome Mom, and you are right, things have been very hectic for your kids. They are great kids. Even though they can't put it into words, I know they feel the loss of their grandma. And I know what you mean, she loved all the grandkids, but, she and Ryan did have a very special bond. Unfortunately, you have to remember, she was sick almost half of Noah's life and he was just getting to the age where that bond really starts to develop. Hopefully, in another month or so your life will settle down and become somewhat normal again. Hang in there, I love you!