Monday, June 07, 2010

Girls Weekend (part 3): under the cover

Ah, day 3 in Austin. How could I forget day 3? I woke up SICK AS A DOG! (where does that expression come from? do dogs get sick? did I say that right?) Yep, couldn't get out of bed. I tried to go to breakfast but turned around back to bed before I ate a crumb. Needless to say there were no pictures taken by me on day 3. I am still a little bummed, but hey, what are ya going to do, right?

I did try going to the pool and hanging out with the girls but once I got to the pool, the humidity made me feel like I couldn't breathe. I told the girls I was going back to my room and if I wanted lunch I would come otherwise I would see them at 3 for our massages. As I was walking back to the room I realized I wasn't going to make it back on foot. I walked into the dining hall where it seems my pale complexion had me standing out like a sore thumb (again, do sore thumbs stand out?). After much embarrassment I was taken to my room by golf cart and escorted upstairs with several bottles of water.

My massage that day was called a Watsu massage. It is an acupressure massage that concentrates a lot on stretching and movement. It is done in it's own little pool with warm water. To my understanding it is not that common of a massage so I though it would be a good experience. I am so fortunate that this is the massage I signed up for. I don't think the traditional Swedish massage was going to work for me and my already achy body. It was such a relaxing massage that I though I was cured there for a while (well, minus the pounding headache) until I got out of the water where the aches and pain of my whole body waited for me. My fun was now over and back to bed I went.

I slept the rest of the day into the night...

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Adam H said...

still makes me so sad... we missed spending the day with you but knew you needed the rest. still feel terribly guilty that i didn't walk you back to your room myself :( sorry!