Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Girls Weekend (part 2): Relaxing

On Friday I woke up to a beautiful view of Gods creation. Now, let me just say this, I am a beach girl and find the sunset over the ocean the most magnificent slice of Heaven there is here on earth. That being said the view of the tree tops were nice and peaceful.

Kylie came to my room to hang out for a bit and when we couldn't get a hold of Amy we ditched her for the breakfast buffet (please don't worry about Amy, us being the good friends we are ate again with her). After breakfast we got ready and went to the store to buy some drinks and snacks.

When we got back it was time for lunch and then our first round of spa treatments. For me, this included a facial, for the other two, they had the stone massage. This was actually my first spa facial and I was quite impressed. I will probably pick a massage and pedicure over a facial any day of the week, but I'm sure glad I got the facial this time.

After spa treatments it was pool time. This pool has the most beautiful infinity edge that overlooks Lake Travis. We sat around catching up for a while and enjoyed that word mothers sometimes can't remember the name of... oh yes, that's it, RELAXING!

We then decided to get some dinner and then back to relax some more in the spa by the pool. The best part, we had the spa all to ourselves that night.

What a great day.

Oh yes, there also seemed to be some interesting statues around the property...

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Kylie said...

That picture of us and the ice buckets is hilarious. I wanna go back.