Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The face Noah makes when he is trying to poop

It's 7pm on the dot. Both of the kids are in bed. Ryan I just finished putting down and Noah has been down for about 40 minutes.

Dinner didn't go so well.

I am torn when writing these kinds of blogs. It seems that if you write a blog about how frustrating kids can be that it means your a bad parent. All the blogs I read are all cheery all the time. I understand that "they" just want to focus on the positive but sometimes I feel "they" have no hard moments- can that really be true? I think if we only show the good and never the hard we are maybe allowing others to feel like they have failed.

(disclaimer: I LOVE all the blogs I read and pull so much inspiration from them daily)

With all that said, I have decided to take back my household. It seems that somewhere in the midst of life my kids thought they were the kings and us their servants. I thought if they already feel this way at 2 and 4, I need to nip this thing in the bud. My boys are awesome, they have the ability to be so sweet and kind yet at the same time they like to dictate... to me!

Noah decided to throw his dinner on the floor tonight. Well, his dinner this evening and his lunch this afternoon. We go through this every night it seems. Tonight he went straight to bed. Ryan wouldn't try his dinner. I'm sure we have all been there, you know, the "I don't like it" deal before ever even trying it. It looks like Ryan stood up to the bell pepper and he refused a taste. He sat there staring it down for about an hour and he never gave in. Off to bed her went...

My kids are head strong stubborn bright intelligent little people. This is going to be a long process..


Donna said...

You're an amazing mom. Try bribery to get Ryan to eat his dinner. It always works for me!!! LOL

Linda said...

Sounds like they will get a lot of sleep.