Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Girls Weekend: When 2 becomes 3

Sometimes in life we just need to get away!

I decided to do just that with a girls spa weekend in Austin, Tx. On Thursday morning my friend Kylie came to pick me up and we started our traveling adventure.

We had a layover in Denver that lasted about an hour longer then expected due to our flight being delayed. We looked all over for an open electrical outlet and ended up setting up camp on the floor. We were able to take a few minutes to share some of our favorite blogs and picture of newborn babies. We finally boarded the plane to Austin to find out that even though we were delayed by 1 hour we were only 20 minutes late arriving in Austin. We landed at about 6:45 ish and went to pick up our rental car.

We had some time before we had to be back at the airport to pick up Amy who we were surprising at the airport (more on that later). We decided to go eat downtown Austin at the recommendation of some fellow travelers on our plane. We made our way to 6th street and walked around downtown Austin. We found out rather quickly about the heat of Texas. Not only was it hot, the warm wet air was hard to breath sometimes - yes, we are San Diego girls to the core. After about 25 minutes of walking around we were thinking we had to pick Amy up soon so we needed to eat quickly. Due to time constraints we ended up at a bar with a taco truck next door. I know- left San Diego to eat Texas tacos.

During our dinner we realized that we got the time of Amy's flight confused - 60% Kylie's fault, 40% mine. Come to find out we have another 2 hours before her flight was to come in. We decided to use this time to get some drinks for the weekend. Let's just say for several reasons we drove around for about an hour and ended up with no alcohol at the end of the night.

We made our way back to the airport to pick up Amy. Now, here is the trips background. Kylie and I received a phone call from Amy's husband Adam, he works for a company that owns (or soon to own) a wellness spa "The Crossing". We were asked if we wanted to go and surprise Amy in Austin, Ky and I of course jumped at the chance. Amy was a little weary of the whole trip, being unsure about how she felt leaving her family to be by herself so far away (well, I don't really think she was unsure, but anyhow...) Ky and I got to the airport early and seriously stood behind a pole for about 30 minutes to surprise her. It was such an exciting moment for us as we have been waiting for this moment for what seemed to be forever. We had butterflies in our stomachs, it was like we were schoolgirls again and we were going to see a cute boy. We have missed her so much and we KNEW the completeness we would feel being reunited all together after about 3 years.

(us while hiding behind a pole)

Kylie saw her, she passed us, we made our move. Walking just a few steps behind her we tried to let her know she would have trouble renting her rental car as it was already picked up. The only problem was she never even turned around. It seems that we were just talking to ourselves. We then called her name. Still nothing! Then we yell louder "AMY". Finally she turns.

Not the look we were going for.

Much better!

She cried, which if you know Amy is no surprise. She is, well, a crier. We hugged and celebrated the power of friendship right there in the middle of the airport, a place I'm sure that is no stranger to these emotions. We threw Amy in the car with us and continued on our adventure of getting lost like only girls can, but finally made it to the hotel after the help of two Garmins. Got to love girls weekend.

More of the fun to come...


Kylie said...

Reading about it makes me want to do it all over right now!

Tim said...

You see 3 cute boys every day.