Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kid's Day

We are always looking for things to do around San Diego to keep us busy. You can probably imagine how excited we were to be offered some free tickets to Kids Fest at Liberty Station. We packed the kids in the car and went early to try and beat some of the crowd. They had several stations for the kids to play at. We were greeted when we got there with by a fire truck, for some reason we did not take the tour though. Once we got inside we came across the bubble station. As you would picture there were tons of bubbles but there were also lots of balls and plastic pools filled with balls. The kids took LOTS of time to play soccer and run around. Noah was rather partial to the big ball.

Next, there was a music station. Here the kids were able to play with drums, cowbells, and several other noisemakers. First time around the kids were kind of grumpy so didn’t really experience the joy of music. Later though we came back to it and the kids were much more receptive.

After the music station we came across the messy station. Ryan got to paint. Noah and Ryan both played with something that looked play dough (not sure what it was).

Next was dress-up. Tim and Noah had fun but Ryan was acting difficult.

The rest of the day was spent playing in cardboard boxes, potting plants, and riding of our bellies on the little scooters they had there (not really sure what the name of the toy it).

After we were done we hopped in the car for dinner at Chipotle. After a yummy chicken bowl Ryan decided he wanted to go to Sea World. To he honest, Tim and I were exhausted! I think the last place we wanted to go was Sea World but we did. Tim put Ryan on a “strict” 1 hour time limit – yeah right.

At Sea World we watched Shamu from the viewing deck where Tim and I were able to sit in the shade while Ryan and Noah marveled at Shamu. They don’t seem to get tired of that mammal. Then we went to the Shamu show, checked out the sharks, said hi to the sea lions, got pooped on my a seagull – I can’t tell you how much I despise seagulls- and went home. Tim’s strict 1 hour schedule turned into about a 2 hour visit. Needless to say, we slept good that night.

Another family day in the books, I love these days so much! What a blessing to bring our children up in such a beautiful place. I can’t wait for a billion more of these days. We are so very blessed.

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