Sunday, December 06, 2009

Coming soon...

I hate that I haven't written in FOREVER. Today we are at the 2 week mark of living at my mothers house while she recovers from her surgery. She is doing better everyday and I think we will be going home soon. Next up for her though, Chemo. This will most likely start the week of Christmas. Not the Christmas gift we were all expecting but sometimes things don't go the way we expected.

Ryan just ran into the room telling me his pee pee hurts. I think he fell off the piano bench and hurt himself. It's sad but kinda funny. I wish Tim were here to hear him.

We have been busy in the Christmas spirit here. We started our advent activities this week and it keeps the kids busy. I have lots of pictures on my camera but the battery died and I can't get to the pictures. Hopefully this will all get taken care of soon and we will be back in picture business. Stay tuned.

For now, I thought I would post this picture from mothers day this past May.


Linda said...

I love that picture. Can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!

Linda said...

Also, you and Tim should be so proud of have done an awesome job! I know it is hard with with the kids and a job. I love you so much, you can't imagine!!!