Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks

So much to say yet not sure what to talk about, weird huh?

Tomorrow is thanksgiving. Here are my thoughts

Instead of being to tired to cook, I will be grateful I have food on the table

I will not complain about my kids not listening, rather I will feel blessed they are healthy and happy

Instead of wishing it was colder and more fall like outside, I will celebrate the fact that I can take my kids to the park any day of the week.

Rather then being bummed that I have family not able to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, I will focus on the family I get to share this holiday with and feel loved from afar by the others.

When I hate it that Tim comes home from work so late at night, I will remember that he has a great job that he loves and supports the needs of our family

And why I can not comprehend the reason cancer even exists, I am thankful that I get to spend this time helping my mother in her time of need.

Lastly, instead of asking why, I will turn to God and say "I believe"

Have a splendid Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

Missing you guys too. Thankful we will be together at Christmas!

Kylie said...

Great post Megan!

Adam H said...

simple but true