Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pacifier- night 2

I know everyone is tuning into read about Ryan's pacifier saga so without further a due. Last night we put Ryan down at about 8pm. He cried off and on. In the last post I told you he was rather quiet, yes, it was the calm before the storm. When I went up to check on him he had thrown Owl over the gate along with his pants. Yep, you heard me right, his pants. Why? I have no idea. He had the light in our room on and was looking out the window. I walked into the room and Ryan jumped and said "Mom, you scared me!". (Adorable, I know). Around 10pm he was crying pretty hard and at 10:30pm I went to lay with him and he fell asleep right away. He slept pretty good until about 2am when we was yelling at the Owl again to give back his pacifier. That went on for about 20 min. Not as cute at 2am! I went down stairs woke Tim from the couch to have him come to bed and we all piled in...sort of. Ryan like to sleep horizontal so I was banished to the foot of the bed. He woke up at about 6:45 for the morning.

All in all, once he went down it wasn't too horrible. We had to fill out his papers with the district for his speech therapy today so we weren't able to try out nap time, I don't foresee it going very well though. He took is Owl with him everywhere we went today.

This all brings us to the present. We put Ryan to bed at about 8:40pm, later then normal. This time he was on to us from the beginning. The second we went into the room he wanted NOTHING to do with Owl. Best friends during the day and he turned on him at night. Ryan is currently upstairs sobbing at the door. This is where the speech delay comes in handy, he keeps yelling stuff out but we have no clue what he is saying. Every once and a while he cries out a "Mommy" which is heartbreaking. I just hope this stage passes fast. I told Tim last night, it feels like detox. There is really nothing you can do except put your head down and pile through it. So happy we are not going to have to go through this with Noah!!!

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