Monday, October 05, 2009

The owl

It is a milestone night in the Farmer household. This evening Tim and I took Ryan and Noah to Build- a- Bear. Ryan got to pick out any animal and then give his pacifier to it, he chose the owl. Noah also got to pick out an animal, mainly to keep peace in our house, and he choose the turkey. Don't ask me why he chose the turkey but he chose it the second he saw it.

Well, we kept on reminding Ryan that Owl (that is what he named his owl) is holding his pacifier and that he can sleep with him tonight if he wants to. All was going well until we walked upstairs to go to bed and Ryan was yelling to his owl "OUT"! Once he laid down he started picking at the owl and kept yelling "out". I let him know that he could hug his owl so he can be closer to his pacifier but that he is a big boy now. He wasn't buying this one bit. I left the room to Ryan sobbing, it broke my heart. Hw opened his door and just cried for us. He took a few minutes to leave the door of his room to go beat up his owl a little and then resumed screaming from the doorway. It has been about 30 minutes and there is nothing coming from his room. So, either this is going to be easier then we thought, or, there is a dead owl spread out in our room and Ryan is fast asleep with his pacifier. I am scared to look...

For now, just pray our family can get a good nights sleep.

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Linda said...

It'll be ok. Poor Ryan. I know how you feel, too, it is awful to see your kid hurting. Just hang in there and I will definitely pray for you! Love you all.