Thursday, October 08, 2009


Alright, it looks as if I underestimated my son. Ryan did great last night. Not one tear out of him. It took him a little time to settle down and fall asleep but that is normal. I am so proud of him. He didn't even mention his pacifier last night. I think he was on to new issues. When I put him down he said "No gate!". Since he is in our room and it takes him longer to go down I put the baby gate up so he doesn't keep coming out of the room.

This afternoon, there was also no fight. About 45 minutes after I put him down I went upstairs to check on him. I could not find him, ANYWHERE!! The gate was up so he couldn't have gone far. I'm thinking he is on the side of the bed, nope. Maybe the closet, nope. My room is not that big. I ended up finding him... under the top of the bed. I have no clue how this kid wedged himself in there! The headboard has slats in it and there were times when the kids would accidentally drop their pacifiers there. Well, Ryan stuck gold. There he was under the bed sucking the pacifier. The kid went through so much trouble to get it, I just left him there on the floor with the pacifier. After nap was over I fetched the rest of the pacifiers. NO MORE!!

Okay, one last thing I need to say. I love being a mommy! Noah is feeling a little under the weather today. I was putting him to bed, I turned out the lights and he let me just cradle him for a while. I wanted to cry. They grow up so fast. Every memory I had of staying up late, rocking him to sleep came back to me at that moment. All the little precious moments we shared just staring into each others eyes. Man, they grow fast. My boys ROCK!!

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