Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is so much to talk about I don't know where to begin. I signed up for a triathlon (not one of my better ideas), Tim got me a new len's for my birthday (a late birthday gift- I'll take it!),and went on vacation last week.

This triathlon idea was not very well thought out. I gave into pressure! It is doing what it's supposed to though. I have been woking out and watching what I eat. The Triathlon is in 2 months so we have about 59 more workout days. I am so SCARED! I'm easing into it this week. Next week is when I plan an really stepping it up and doing a few double workouts. I have goals set, it's about time I follow through with them!

This brings me to my next problem. I need to potty train Ryan. I know I've said this before but he will be 3 next month. I plan on starting next week with this. Do you see my busy week coming up?

My new lens. SO excited about this. It is a 50mm prime lens f/1.8. I can't wait to take the kids to the park today and play with it. I wish I had a better eye for photography. Oh well, I guess I will just keep plugging away at it and hopefully get better.

That's it for now. Time to get ready to walk the golf course!


Lisa R said...

YEAH~ you are doing better than me, i only ran once last week for an hour...and planning on swimming this week, but...i mean i am gonna do it tonight!

Are you doing the same as me? Can't wait! And i want to see pics! Send me your photos when you get a chance! (Gina's shower, etc, etc)

Adam H said...