Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr. Seuss

So, I just took pictures off my camera from last month. Little behind, right? I know! In the end of June we went to the Hotel Del to see the Dr. Seuss statues that are there for a few weeks. It was a nice little trip to Coronado.

Here is Ryan with The Cat in The Hat

Sam I Am

Noah with the turtle from the book I'm not sure of right now (feel free to share if you know it)

After we went to see the statues we walked around and ate dinner at the diner.

Ryan and Noah got pancakes and put their own sprinkles on. (yep, it was dinner)

Tim had a nice whatever sandwich

And here is my french toast with strawberries ( yummy, I know!)


Donna said...

Could it be Yertle the turtle?

Adam H said...

Yertle it is! Cute pics!