Thursday, April 23, 2009

Am I old?

Let me first start off saying I HATE HOA's! Then let me followup by saying I HATE multifamily complex's. I can't wait to move. Get me out of here! As you can probably tell this post will probably feel more like a rant, there is a reason for that... IT IS!

The kids that live in the community are driving me nuts! They seem to multiply daily, if not hourly. I thought I was going to go insane during spring break! Where are these kids parents! All they do is lounge around on their bikes and scooters and whatever other wheeled devise they own that allows them to make sure they don't need to take even one step all day long! They are loud and intrusive, leave stuff lying around EVERYWHERE. It actually felt good to throw away a kite they left out over night.

Am I getting old? Do I not remember what it was like to be a kid? Did I make my neighbors go nuts? I'm sure the answer to all those question is yes to some extent. Doesn't same of us feel that kids are so much more disrespectful now? A right of entitlement? Not all, but a good amount of them. Maybe part of it is when I was young we were able to explore our neighborhood more. We didn't seem to be stuck in the same area all day long. But there is a park not far from here.

I don't know what the answer is. I feel bad for the kids that just want to be kids and have fun. I also feel bad for me to have to endear the noise and the inconvenience of it all. So, I finally had enough and emailed the management company. I need some sanity back. The kids need a park to explore. Peace needs to be restored to Mar Brisa. (Oh yeah, and the neighbor across from us needs to take down his CHRISTMAS LIGHTS). I just hope something gets done, if they can figure out a system to tow my car (ahem, twice) they can figure out a way to exterminate kids.

Okay, I feel better. Rant, over! Let me say that I do like kids. I just don't need them interrupting my very rear, very much needed, quiet time.

So tell me, am I mean? Too old and unhip?


Donna said...

No, you're kids are still too young to be out, just wait!!!

Fickle Obsessor said...

Ehhh, get off my lawn!!!

Adam said...

I was with you until you started talking about your "very rear" quiet time.
Please explain what that means, but I think I'll be siding with the kids.

Megan said...

Sorry, rare! See what happens when I am in the process of losing my mind!