Tuesday, April 28, 2009

El Indio

On Saturday we had a nice little family day. It looked like is was going to be a cold day but it ended up being descent. I needed to get some cloths for Ryan so Tim being the awesome husband he is headed to the outlets with me. It didn't take very long though. I think we were pretty much in and out of there in good time. Tim wanted to go to the Padres game that night so we went to the stadium but of course if you wait until the last minute tickets are $47 (if was free jersey night). From there we headed to lunch at El Indio. Good grub. Here are the pictures.

Then we decided to hang out at the zoo for a bit.

And then some frozen yogurt on the way home (I had a coupon for a free one).

All and all a fun day. Now, I'm ready for this weekend. Gina's bridal shower, and Noah's dedication! (oh ya, and my wedding anniversary);)

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Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! I guess you're not doing anything special, since it seemed like an afterthought on your blog!!! Can't wait to see you all in June, the boys are getting so big!