Thursday, December 04, 2008

The TV

When will it end! After our TV went out we bought a new one for the house. I get home from work today and Tim had gone to Cox and picked up a new box so we can have HDTV. I was already sick enough having this new overpriced tv in the house but now we are buying HD? Tim is trying to tell me how to use the remote which I don't think he has figured out yet! There are now 3 remotes needed to use my television. What? I just want my normal showes I TiVo everyday. Nope, not anymore, you can't watch TiVo through the new HD hookup, this would require a new remote to be used.

What can make this process a lot easier? You guessed it an HD DVR. Are you kidding? Right now we watch all our shows from TiVo. We never watch live tv. Well, our Tivo does not record HD...Then what's the point?! If we buy a HD DVR we can do everything with one remote and can watched everything we record in HD. I personally don't care about the difference. Oh well! I guess we'll see if we get a new DVR!


Donna said...

Keep the Tivo, it free. The other option is to buy another TV to connect the Tivo to. Just kidding!

Linda said...

We love our HD, we have the whole set up. For your shows probably not important, but for some shows and football, fantastic. My whole bill for 1 regular box, 1 dvr box, and 1 hd dvr box and and a few extras is $80. So it depends on what you have been paying and what you can afford. I was like you at first, I was happy with my $40 package, but know that we have HD, I would not trade it. shhh......don't tell Uncle John!