Monday, November 24, 2008

Noah's half birthday

My baby is half a year old now. Can you believe it? Seriously, I think I just had him yesterday! He is just starting to sleep through the night, he is sitting up on his own, and if you put him down he is all over the place. I love him to death! Ryan has made it clear to me that he is a daddy's boy so I am determined to make Noah a mama's boy! I think I'm making a little progress too. Doesn't he just look HUGE!


Kylie said...

I swear I was hugely pregnant and just visiting you in the hospital yesterday too! What a cutie.

Linda said...

No, he still looks little!!! Happy 1/2 birthday, Noah! Hi Ryan!

Adam Hazlett said...

Happy 6 months birthday, Noah! We love you big boy!