Sunday, November 23, 2008


Crazy week, On Saturday our T.V went out. People that know me know that I need a TV to watch. We looked around a little and decided on a 42' Vizio. I realized this weekend they don't sell the old school 80lbs television any more. All you can buy is the flatscreen, HD, LCD, etc... We went back and forth between the 32' and 42' but we decided to look into the future and buy what will work for us longevity. Little did we know that the future was our car getting towed that night. Are you kidding me? I can no longer afford this weekend and I am actually looking forward to Monday.


Lillie said...

Look at your cute family! Isn't it crazy how much can happen in a few years?! .... well I guess it's been like 9, but still.

The whole facebook thing is really wierd to me, this is much more my comfort zone. :) Fun to find you!

bobby said...

I'm pretty sure they sell regular TV's at Target. I think it's called selective shopping. ;)

Sorry bout the car.