Thursday, November 06, 2008

Family photo

So, not last week but the week before Halloween Tim and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch and took some picture and pick out a pumpkin ( that is still sitting uncarved on the counter). Here is how our day went:

Getting into the car to the pumpkin patch... this is going to be a long day

Noah being handsome

The family

After Pics we changed the kids and let Ryan play a while on the slide

Then we went to My Gym to hang out for their Halloween party

ever see a dragon playing basketball

...or jumping on the trampolined

Then we dropped the kids off and grandmas and Tim and I went to a birthday part for my friend Elia

Then my camera died!


Adam, Amy & Andrew said...

love the pics- especially the family one & the one of the two of you guys. you both look way too rested to have two small ones! thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

What did you do to my poor little Ryan?

Kylie said...

The family photo turned out great! I love Ryan's costume. So cute.