Saturday, September 13, 2008

Colorado:day 2-4

Sunday morning we went to church with Adam and Amy. It was pretty impressive. The worship leader played guitar in Steven Curtis Chapman's band for several years. The pastor was also very good and relevant. The only problem was we can find any life group at this church. I told Amy to call her pastor about what they offer in the way of life groups if any and then voice her concern if they don't offer any... but knowing Amy, we'll see if she does! =)

Monday we went to the Rockies game. Thank you Adam for the awesome seats. We were in the 5th row directly behind home plate. The only bad thing was how hot it was. I couldn't even sit in the seat. Noah and I went for hight ground that had shade for most of the game. It was a great time though and we got to see Adams office, very cool!

The next day (Tues.) we were off to the Red Rock Amphitheater. No we didn't see a concert but it was still beautiful.

downtown Denver

Last stop for the day we went to Mile High Stadium. Home of the Broncos. Tim was distraught that was Ryan was wearing orange to the stadium. Oh well. We bought out pint glass and got out of there.

We couldn't get the ball away from Ryan (no way are we spending $15 on a Broncos ball)

The night ended with cookies and milk at the hotel (we stayed in a hotel Mon and Tues to give Adam and Amy a break)

to be cont....


bobby said...

"no way are we spending $15 on a Broncos ball"

Ummm...hello!! No way you should spend 15cents on a Broncos ball! In fact, you shouldn't even let Ryan have that if they paid you to take it! Come on now Megan. I'm a bit disappointed in that statement.

Kylie said...

Looks like such a fun trip!