Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colorado: Day 5-7

On Wed. we went to the children's museum. We had a great time. The kids loved it there. They got to dress up and explore the fire truck

Then we went outside to feed the cows. I guess this was something new at the museum and there were guys from the newspaper there taking pictures. Congrats to Amy and Joshua who found themselves in the Denver Post (well, at least Adams HR coworker that found them in the paper!)

Ryan got to be a construction worker for the day (well, about 15min)

Noah woke up!

You mean you've never seen a grocery shopping bunny?!

As you can see museum was a blast. We should have stopped there but we pushed it and went to lunch and REI. Needless to say we were too busy chasing kids and mending Ryan's split lip. I told you, we pushed it!

Thursday was a down day kinda. Mine and Amy's shopping trip was pretty much a bust but Tim and Ryan went to two breweries that day. I guess we are starting Ryan early. (if you think I'm kidding, wait until the next post!)

Friday we were going to have an awesome outdoors day in Boulder. We were going to go to the waterfall and then along the path with trout and playgrounds...well of course this was day 1 of rain! =( here is an adorable picture of Noah though

Next post will be Colorado Rockie Mountains. Fun stuff. Till then...

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Amy said...

adorable Noah in his little hat!
Oh yeah, and did I mention COME BACK!!!