Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, Ryan's appointment went well. He is the "average" child. His appointment was at 2:15pm...we were late since I thought it was at 2:30pm...oops! On the car ride home Ryan fell asleep. I put him into his crib at 3:30pm and at 4pm he was crying. I brought him to watch TV with me and he fell asleep right away. At 6pm I called Tim to see what I should do, do I wake him up so he will sleep through the night? Tim said "YES!" Ryan didn't agree with him though... he cried 15 min straight. So I rocked him back to sleep. At 7pm I changed him and we slept until 6:15am! My child basically slept from 3:15pm-6:15am!!! That's a lot of sleep! FYI: he hasn't taken a good nap since then!

Today was my turn. I had a doctors appointment. I talked it over with the doc. and decided to give the vaginal birth another go. I am a little scared but I pray things will go better this time around!

I'm tired tonight so I hope Ryan goes to bed easily. I was excited to have Monday off just to find out Tim has to work! Crap! I think he might be feeling a little "under the weather" Monday, if you know what I mean!

Well thats all for now. I still need to get the pictures of the boys at Sea World so I can post about that trip... the camera is still in the car though!


Kylie said...

Glad he is feeling better. And hopefully this baby isn't as stubborn as Ryan and comes out a little more easily :) You can do it girl. Love you!

Rachel said...

Hey! Sorry to hear Ryan was sick and bummed I didn't get to see you while I was in San Diego! And you better post pics of Sea World - I really want to see them! Oh, and I'll be praying already for the delivery. I know you are scared, but know you have tons of love and support! You can do it!!! :)