Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As a parent I think the most helpless feeling is when your child is sick. It doesn't matter if it's the common cold or a serious illness. For Ryan we are fortunate that its the common cold. We saw this coming since Ryan has not been acting his happy self lately. He also hasn't been eating very much. Last night I think we reached the climax(I hope!). I put him down at around 6:30pm and he was up just about every 15min. The only time he would sleep for a long period of time is if we held him. Tim and I felt to bad for him. Ryan was so tired and all he wanted to do was sleep! At around 10pm we brought Ryan down stairs and let him sleep on us while we watched American Idol. We all went to our own beds at 11pm.

This morning Ryan woke up at 5:15am. Here we go again! I ended up taking the day off. It's hard enough to leave Ryan in the morning when he's well let alone when he's sick! Also, Ryan has a checkup today and Tim wanted to go but had a training in the afternoon. He ended up going in early and will do the training in the morning.

I finally got Ryan down for a nap at about 9:30. I took my shower started blogging and now he is awake again. I hope the rest of the day runs a little smoother. We have TONS of errands to run.


Linda said...

Skip the errands! Hope u r feeling better Ryan.

Love ya,
Aunt Linda

Mom said...

I hope Ryan is well now I miss him!