Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long weekend

Well this week was pretty uneventful. Tim got sick on Saturday and so I spent the day taking care of my sick boys! I'm sure we did something but I can't think of one thing we did on Saturday. Sunday was church (Ryan and I got there late..oops) and then I went with Tiff for lunch at Chili's. A much needed time away! Monday we went to eat breakfast at Broken Yolk (at around 11:30am) and I don't recommend the restaurant. We spent $7.oo on OJ and didn't even get refills! Need I say more. Then we went to the Zoo with the rest of San Diego. Having passes is nice because we can spend 2 hours there and leave and not care. We also went on the train at Balboa Park. Then back home where I took a nap while Tim watched Ryan (I had the morning shift). All in all a good and laid back weekend.

Not that we canceled our Netflix, we rent from Albertsons for $1.00 a movie. Tim ALWAYS comes home with a movie. So the movies we watched this weekend were... "Gone Baby Gone". Good movie but not the feel good movie of the year. It was actually kind of sad but it makes you think. Then we saw "The Contract". This has Morgan Freeman and John Cusack. I wasn't really thrilled with this movie either. Next movie was "Amazing Grace". I slept through this one (Mondays naps). Then we watched "Mr. Woodcock". I would skip on this one too. Tim picked the last two. I am a much better movie picker! So there you go, 4 movies this past weekend. Next weekend I want to rent "We Own the Night" and maybe even "The Assassination on Jesse James"

So look next week for more movie reviews. Anyone have any suggestions on good movies you would recommend?


Linda said...

No,we've been pretty much bombing out too. Not too many good movies out at the moment. The shooter is pretty good....I should know, I accidentally rented it twice, but I must say, it did pull me in a second time, so it must be good!!!


Linda said...

P.S. Don't rent Michael Clayton, which just came out on DVD. It was kind of slow. American Gangster is ok, but it may not be your and Tim's kind of movie....aren't you guys more the Mary Poppins type?

Megan said...

We saw Michael Clayton in the theaters. It was alright. We also saw American Gangster in the theater. I liked it but had gangster nightmares for about a month!

Kylie said...

I would recommend in this order: Saw 1, Saw 2, Saw 3 and Saw 4. Other than that, haven't seen any great one recently :)

John Rose said...

Good OJ is worth 7 dollars - and the Broken Yoke is a GREAT place to eat!