Monday, July 16, 2007

On the DL

I have been out on the disabled list lately!

Last Saturday when I got home from Palm Desert I ran 2 miles and felt GOOD. About an hour after running my ankle started to kill. I ran again on Wednesday and since then my ankle is thrashed! It has been swollen for 6 days now. It is starting to feel a little better today but if I'm on it to long I'm miserable. Well, all that to say I'm tired of being hurt. I was just starting to run with endurance. I think I am going to ease back into running tomorrow.

The diet part of my weight loss plan is not so good. I try hard but there are so many good desserts out there. Today my mom took me to Macaroni Grill for dinner tonight. It was food. We (I) had tons of bread, pasta, and the best most fattening dessert ravioli. Well, from now on it's back to chicken for dinner. At least until Wednesday when I do to Dave & Busters with friends from work for my birthday, and then until next Friday when I go to Filippi's when Linda comes you see the problem?

P.S. So excited, Tim got me 12lb weights for my birthday. (and a new sports bra!)


Rachel said...

Sorry I didn't get to tell you yesterday - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hope your ankle heals soon!

Linda said...

Get a brace, like I told you!!! Hey, what's a little pizza!! I'm contemplating D'Lish for Friday instead of Fillipi's. What do you think. I already know.....we don't have the same taste.....didn't we go through this on Mother's Day????

Love ya

P.S. You can't turn down free birthday meals.