Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A day to forget!

What a crappy day! I am currently fighting with the baby who will not go to bed! I have been trying to put him down for an hour now. I can't even just leave him if we starts to whine because that means he has spit out his pacifier and s chewing the crib railing. All the wood along the crib is scratched up from him grinding his teeth against it.
Work today sucked! I have a co-worker that is a head case. She is in her 50's and complains and cries over things as if she is 4. I don't have time in my life for grown women to have temper tantrums. She tried to call me out and told her lead I threw papers at her today. I WISH! I should have, but I didn't. Then she said I chewed her out. Informing her of something she didn't know is NOT being chewed out. I can show her chewed out. Anyhow, after that I just left work. Lord, let me win the lotto so I can quit!

Sorry I'm such a drag. I need to go to sleep and forget this day happened!

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Linda said...

Don't let it get to you.....we all have days like that.....a week from now you won't even remember it. You don't get paid enough to let it ruin your "down time." And, just think.....Friday your favorite aunt and uncle will be arriving!!!

Love ya.