Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ryan's 6!

So here we go.  A full month since the last blog post.  It's been busy around here with two birthday parties.  First things first.  My first born baby turned 6!  Crazy.


I sometimes find myself staring at you wondering who you are going to be when you are older.  You are so smart.  You love to read and write.  When I ask you what you like best about school you say writing.  You have a special love for learning that even inspires me.

You have a gentle spirit.  You feed off of praises and go into an emotional tailspin when you get in trouble.  You always tell me "I just want you to be proud of me."  I always respond back to you that I am ALWAYS proud of you when you are doing your best.

You know exactly how to get your brother upset.  I think you took a class on "the joys of upsetting your younger brother" when I wasn't looking.  Although you LOVE to get under his skin you also love to play with him and hang out with him.  Noah and you have a relationship I will never understand - and I'm okay with that.  You are an amazing big brother to Luke.  He is so lucky to have you watching over him.

You crack up at the word Butt.  Even when you are reading "but" as a sight word.  You love playing with your hot wheels, and riding your bike in the front yard.  You started your first year of soccer this year and you LOVE kicking the ball around.  You have already become such a great little player.  You have already ran 20 miles at school this year and you are so proud of yourself for doing so.  You are going to be Iron Man for Halloween this year (even though your dad had to tell you who he is).

Your smile warms my heart.  I am so proud of the little (tall) man that you have become.  Your dad and I thank God for you everyday.

I love you,


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Linda said...

Been waiting for this. I love these yearly birthday posts. Can't wait to see Luke's.