Friday, June 01, 2012

Class of 2024

Yesterday was Ryan's last day of kindergarten.  Crazy!  This school year flew by.  I think I am taking this a lot harder then Ryan is.  We now have 6 weeks of summer break until we are off to 1st grade.  I could not be more proud of Ryan and how much he loves to learn.  He will tell you his favorite thing to do at school is writing.  There is something in him that just loves to sit down and read new books and write stories.  I am looking forward to this summer when Ryan and I can sit down and do his workbooks together.

Wednesday was Ryan's kindergarten show.  After the show we were able to go back to his classroom and take pictures and pick up his promotion certificate. 

We are so blessed that Ryan had such a great teacher in Mrs. Maynard.  We could not of asked for a better teacher to start off his classroom learning.


We are so proud of you and honored to have you as our son.  
You bless our lives in new ways everyday.


First day of Kindergarten
July 2011

Last day of Kindergarten
May 2012

Now, Let's get ready for some summer fun!

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