Friday, May 18, 2012

really? 4?

Noah had a birthday.  He is now 4 and will tell EVEYONE he comes in contact with.


At 4 you are a tiny ball of life and energy.  I get tired just watching you. You have an infectious smile that can light up a room and you are always up for a new adventure.  You are strong willed which proves to be a bit challenging while handling your outbursts... oh, the many outbursts.  You know what you want and you will chip away until you get it.  If Noah is not happy.... NO ONE is happy!  The tantrums you are able to throw are quite impressive.

You love your big brother although you know what buttons to push with him also.  You are always up to playing with Luke and always want to hold him.    You go to tiny tots 2 days a week for 3 hours and always have the best time.  You are incredibly social have an easy time making friends, in fact, the teacher had to ask you to stop talking on the first day of class.

Let's talk about your appetite.  I think you could eat All. Day. Long.  You mainly like the normal kids foods of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets although you have started be eat more salads.

No one gives better hugs then you do and when you cuddle with me on the couch it makes my heart melt.  There is no mistaking it though, you are a daddy's boys.  You adore your dad.  Once he comes home from work I don't think you leave his side.

Noah.... I love you more then words can say.

Happy Birthday.

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