Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello blog!

Hello World!!

So it's been a while. Partially because I have not had much awesome things to write about and I know you don't want to hear me whine about how HUGE and HOT I am ALL THE TIME!

When I started this blog it was when I was pregnant with Ryan and was bored out of my mind on maternity leave waiting for him to come. Wow, things have changed! Now I have two little ones to run around after and who ALWAYS keeps me on my toes.

My to do list is long and seems to be getting longer. The nursery is not even sort of ready for little baby Farmer and it doesn't help that I have been sidelined by a cold this week. This week of all weeks! I has trying to get baby clothes washed, Ryan's birthday party is Saturday and we have company over on Sunday. I don't have time to be sick! I am forcing myself to feel better though.

I haven't taken my camera out for some time now. My motivation has been lacking, but I think I will try to start documenting more - starting with Ryan's birthday. Can't believe he is turning 5! What a big boy - more on that later.

Lastly, I am so excite for fall. It is my favorite time of year. I'm a little scared to get too excited too soon but I feel it.... just around the corner. Love this time of year! I already feel my spirits picking up, now if I can just find the energy to clean the house...

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