Friday, June 24, 2011


Have you seen this show? Ever since it first premiered I thought the show was a little dumb. The whole premise of the show is to watch the contestants fall in mud and water after getting knocked off a platform. Fast forward a few years and we now have to watch it every week. This is my 3 year olds favorite show! I almost forgot that I live with 3 boys and this kind of show is right up there alley. It is actually adorable watching Noah watch this show as he laughs out loud the whole time. As for me, I am beginning to like the show more and more. Not because I think it is any better then when I first saw it, but because the whole family comes together after dinner to watch it. Never really thought this would be the fuzzy feeling family show we would all gather to watch but then again I never knew I would have a house full of boys! I think I am a little outnumbered.


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