Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The bedroom

So, a long time ago I talked about how we were remodeling the house. I didn't really talk much about it after that. While I was taking photos off the camera I found some "after" pictures I took of the bedroom. I though I would show a few "before" and "after" bedroom pictures.

(In mom's defense this was after we started sorting through things)

and now:

(I still need to hide the T.V. cords)

I need to add some stuff to the walls, throughout the whole house actually, but that will come in time. In front of the tree on the wall I am looking for a reading chair. With the new baby it might become a rocking chair though. I want something to bring a little more color to the room. Maybe some yellow, we'll see. It's a start though!

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Sally P-G said...

love love love it! It reminds me that I STILL need to do something with our room. Keep the before and after shots coming :)