Monday, January 17, 2011


Right now I am obsessed with "House". I love this show and I think I might have a secret (or not so secret) crush on Mr. Gregory House. To be honest I JUST started watching this show. It has been on for 7 seasons. I turned on the TV one night and House just happened to be on and because there was nothing else on TV I decided to just watch it. I kinda liked the show and began to record the back episodes to catch up. Yeah, try catching up on a popular show 7 seasons in - after 3 days I had 17 episodes to watch on my DVR. I have been watching House NON-STOP for over a week every night after the kids go to sleep!
I love that House says what everyone thinks with no filter. It's funny, sarcastic, yet with painful truth. Just when you think this character has no redeeming value you see part of his humanity, a crack in his armor. Usually in everyday life we see the opposite. People trying to do and say the right thing yet every once in a while a crack in our armor shows the thoughts we don't want the world to see. I feel the irony of the show quite appealing. Well that and Hugh Laurie is not too hard on the eyes.
Another interesting aspect to the show is the way House views God. He hates when people thank God for being cured. He believes there is a rational scientific reason for EVERYTHING and God plays no role. It's interesting and brings up a lot of thought provoking questions.
So there you have it, my new obsession! Tonight brings a new episode after it's hiatus. I'm so excited!!

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