Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my muse

One month and one day. That is how long it's been since I blogged last, and let me tell you... it seemed just as long as it was.

I just put the boys down for their afternoon naps and was changing out the laundry. I heard Ryan from down stairs so I went and stood outside his door. He was singing. I think he was making up songs, but he was so happy singing. Then, I smiled.

Tim tells me I don't smile much lately. Truth be told I haven't felt much to smile about. Let me back up. We ended up moving into my moms house. This in itself was a hard decision but after prayer, we had a peace about it and didn't look back. Not long after we moved back in mom had some medical issues we are dealing with. It is really hard to write about this as my mom is private and has asked me not to write about her current situation. I on the other hand feel an outlet when I am able to write and express myself. This is why my blogging has been limited.

I guess my point in this blog is that sometimes God allows us to go through some dark days, but not without little rays of sunshine beaming through. With Ryan and Noah as my muse I will continue smiling. With Tim as my support, I will not fall. With God as my anchor I will get through.

Happy Tuesday!


Amy said...

You have a lot of people praying for you and your mom right now. Know that you are loved, very loved.

Kylie said...

Ditto what Amy said!! Love you! Looks like another girl's trip should be on our horizon...just don't get sick this time ;) Love you girl.

Sally P-G said...

Megan, I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that things are getting better. If that is not the case then I know you will find strength in God and in your family to get you through such a difficult time. <3