Thursday, June 10, 2010

Really, grey?

(Ryan, before)

About a week and a half ago, Noah, got hurt in the nursery at church. I was called out of the service to see my precious little boys mouth covered with blood. Upon closer look, his tooth was sticking straight forward. I pushed on his tooth and it went back into place, I realized we are dealing with a loose tooth. I don't really know much about loose teeth in toddlers. I was told by some of the other moms around me that there would be a good chance that his tooth will reconnect and life would be good again.


Oh, but that's not all. I was also informed on the other hand it is quite possible that his tooth will turn grey.



Why do my kids have to hurt themselves on the precious face all the time. I need to start considering the bubble wrap idea for the kids a lot more seriously. Needless to say I have been watching Noah's tooth like a hawk. Praying and crossing my fingers we get spared from the dreaded grey tooth. So far, we are doing well. Noah's tooth isn't loose, at least when you touch it, it doesn't move.

Then it happened, I get a phone call from Tim.

"we have been spending all our time watching Noah and Ryan is the one who has the grey tooth!"

"OK Tim, I'll take a look at it when i get home. Bye," I said back to him, my response kind of rushed since I was at work and to be honest I didn't believe him.

I got home that afternoon and guess what? Ryan has a grey tooth! How in the world did this happen? I have been watching it over the past few days and I just noticed the chip in his tooth today. He doesn't seem to be sensitive to hot and cold so that is a positive, but, really? So, I did some research (got to love google) and it appears his tooth will most likely not go back to normal. Most likely the tooth is dead. I went ahead and made a dentist appointment for tomorrow. I just know that Noah's tooth will also turn grey. Seriously, what does this say about my mothering when both my kids can end up having grey teeth. *sigh*

At about this point I did what any good mother would do - called my mother sobbing on the phone about my kid having a grey tooth and the fact that I just know life will never be the same again (not to dramatic, right?). I have since calmed down and gained some perspective. Well probably haven't gained perspective but I did calm down.

I am sad.

Sometimes I feel like a grey tooth surrounded by a mouthful of pearly whites.

All I know - God is good and he can do mighty things. I will trust him with it all.


bobby said...

Look at the bright side. It's a baby tooth. Not like it will last forever! :)

Linda said...

zach's was only gray for a month. It is a baby tooth! Look at what you have to be thankful for. He is healthy!! A baby gray tooth does not matter! I love you forever!