Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping busy

(Ryan taking pictures)

Camping. Check.

Next up, Toy Story 3 and the Del Mar Fair tomorrow.

I haven't loaded the pictures from my camera onto the computer yet from our camping trip, sorry. They do have the same theme as the last camping pictures I posted though. We had a good time but boy it's hard to keep little ones occupied all day. We walked over to the waterfall and played in the water a bit. It was fun. The water was cold! We took lots of video.

I have decided to take tons of video and pictures this summer and put together a video of the whole summer activities. I am looking forward to so much this summer. Can't Wait!

Tim and I started counting calories yesterday. I have to admit, I didn't do to well. It was WAY to hard to eat well when there were left over s'mores calling my name. So I did what I had to do to be successful, I spent the whole day eating s'mores so that there are non left to tempt me. So far it has worked, haven't cheated yet. The problem is were going to the fair tomorrow. I need to factor in those delicious doughnuts that are smothered in cinnamon and sugar and made right in front of my own eyes. Oh, and that yummy corn on the cob that gets stuck in your teeth but it's okay because it is oh, so good! Man, I love the fair. So many memories.

For now, I will get ready for the gym and Ryan's swim class. Then to worship with some friends at rehearsal.

Life is good!

Got to love summer!

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