Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few thoughts

In my head right now

  • Hulu hasn't been working right for me lately. It's my only connection to the television world, I must confess, I'm freaking out a little.
  • It looks like we are moving soon. I won't lie, I'm nervous. The uncertainty of the future makes me uneasy. I want to think optimistically about how we are moving to the next chapter of our lives and it's a blank page to write on. Right now though, I would love some predictability.
  • I had an interesting conversation with some friends the other night over dinner about how my husband is the head of our household - they looked at me like I sent the woman's movement back 50 years. I believe it in my heart though and I have so many reasons why. Maybe that will be a blog post to come.
  • My birthday is coming. Home stretch of my twenties. Bring it!
  • I am very much looking forward to the river this weekend and Disneyland to follow. I need my family time.
  • I hate packing!
  • I really want a baby girl- do you think God is taking requests? (No, I'm not pregnant)
  • I did get Hulu to play for me last night and I watched "The spirit of a marathon". I still have no desire to run a marathon but I would love to become a runner. Getting there is my problem!
The End


Kylie said...

Weird, I totally want you to have a baby girl. I think God listens to requests...fulfilling them though, another story :) And you can come watch TV over here anytime!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Cute pose. When are you moving?